Our Team

Reed Berkowitz

Founder, President, Editor-in-Chief

Reed is a Health Science student and published virology researcher at the University of Florida. His areas of interest are immunology and general biomedical research. Reed founded OneResearch.org as a free online source to highlight biomedical research and combat medical disinformation.

Liam Kugler

Cofounder, Deputy Editor

Liam is a Medical Honors student and a published researcher at the University of Florida. He is currently part of the accelerated BS/MD program and wants to work to provide a source of free and accurate information to the public, especially to underserved communities.

Hans Kim

Cofounder, Deputy Editor

Hans is a Neuroscience and Biology student at the University of Florida. As an undergraduate researcher, he is working to achieve an MD/PhD and is passionate in his dream to increase accessibility to the exciting new developments in the biomedical sector.

Grace Shoemaker

Deputy Editor

Grace is a Chemical Engineering student and undergraduate researcher at the University of Florida, planning to pursue a PhD in Chemical Engineering. Her main areas of interest include antimicrobial resistance and CRISPR Cas systems. She seeks to convey as much accurate and understandable scientific knowledge to the public as possible.

Sohum Shinkre

Associate Editor

Sohum is a Public Health student at the University of Florida. He seeks to attend medical school and is interested in combating online medical disinformation and promoting health equity.

Note: Some contributors and guest authors may not be listed here. This is a list of OneResearch staff only.

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