Join Us

Thank you for your interest in joining the OneResearch Biomedicine Newsletter team of volunteer staff and writers.


The volunteer application has 3 parts:

  • Your info and desired role
  • A short (1000 character maximum) essay with the following prompt:
    • How do you plan to help OneResearch achieve our mission?
  • For prospective authors: a submission of original writing. At least one of the following:
    • A published written work that lists you as the primary author or coauthor
    • An original article written for OneResearch (instructions below)

Original OneResearch Article

For prospective authors without published written works, it is strongly recommended to submit an original article written for OneResearch. This will help us determine your scientific writing capabilities.

High quality articles will be published to OneResearch, guaranteeing your role as an author.

Your original OneResearch article should follow these guidelines:

  • Based on biomedical research published in the last 6 months OR statements or interviews from biomedical researchers (MS, PhD, MD)
  • Explains and discusses an interesting new development in biomedical research
  • Closely follows the format and writing style of articles published on OneResearch
  • Can be understood by laypersons
  • Cites sources in APA format (in-text APA citations not necessary)
  • Is within 475-1100 words
  • Does not plagiarize or use unauthorized media and figures

A Google account is required to access the application. You may close and return to the application at any time.